Saturday, April 12, 2008

I love thrift stores

So, I'm going to need someone else to say, "boo ya!" one more time.

I've been obsessing for days about what I am going to wear to the gala auction tonight that everyone from school will be at. My very finest Crazies have been in attendance the whole time, reminding me that an ex-boyfriend will be there, he's probably got a new girlfriend that I don't know about, all the single girls in the program are at least 3 years younger, thinner, more skilled at applying make-up. You get the point. Every insecurity. Between yesterday and today, I've tried on every piece of formal-wear that I own in every possible combination and rejected them all as too frumpy and continuing to look for, to quote one of my Crazies, "more boobs."

I thought I could relax when I found this top.

However, I realized that the reason I got it on such a discount at the Banana Republic is that is must be from their maternity line. No amount of shiny was going to let me feel radiant after that discovery.

So, the search continued. I honesty tried to pair one of my Renaissance Faire bodices with some skirts. It is not one of my finer moments and I am not proud of myself.

Finally, I settled on a red empire-waist dress that that I've had for 10 years but since it's a classic design and couldn't handle a bra, it came closest to fulfilling the "more boobs" requirement.

But the Crazies didn't leave.

So, when my 3:00 tea date called at 2:30 to tell me he wouldn't be there to 3:30, I took the Crazies by the hand and took them to the Family Thrift around the corner. 10 minutes of looking got me a perfectly sized, perfectly designed for my body type Jones New York, non-stinky black dress.

I took it home and tried it on. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I can get of it right now. I'm running a little late.

These boobs are just right, Goldilocks.

I've been listening to Mike Doughty's new album and particularly the song, "Like Luminous Girl."

I can be that girl now.

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Jake and Jess said...

i love Mike Doughty but haven't yet heard this album. yes, please to him!