Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

I just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction and the world is a much better place. The music over the credits is still playing as I type this.

I have the same feeling that I had watching Amelie.

Clutching the blanket up to my chin with a grin of delight the entire time and laughing out loud even though I'm here by myself.

It feels a little bit like every event of my life up to this point was designed to contribute to my enjoyment of this movie.

I also had the experience that I've only ever had once before, in which I was entrapped by the opening scenes and stayed entranced throughout. The only other movie that I can remember doing that to me was Vatel with Gerard D├ępardieu.
(I typed "french actor with big nose" in Google to remind myself of the title of that movie and his name came up as the first entry.)

Thank you to every person who ever told me that I would like this movie and who simultaneously refrained from telling me WHY I would like it. Their very deliberateness in NOT telling me was the convincing factor in my watching it. Your obvious delight at the eventual fulfillment I would experience has been validated.


Baraka said...

Hi Princess,

I loved "Stranger Than Fiction" & "Amelie" - they're movies that draw you in, make you laugh and sigh, and then stay with you in odd but endearing ways.


PrincessMax said...

Somehow, I figured you and I would be attracted to the same movies, Baraka.

Two nights ago I saw Juno with my cousins and I would definitely add it to the list.