Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mary Lena Gets Married!

So, my cousin Mary Lena got married last weekend in Danville, where my family line originates. My immediate family drove down there and my extended family also came out. It was a gorgeous fall weekend and I had a really nice time just being with them and being put to work wherever I could be helpful.
Here's Mary with her new husband Ed and our Great Aunt Emma.

My brother Daniel turned out in his hot pink ruffled tuxedo shirt with his natty pin-striped suit and white belt. Notice my mother's rhinestone glasses. I believe that the appropriate cliche involved apples and trees.

My brothers Paul (on the left) and David (in the center) also made the drive down. Kimberly, Paul's girlfriend, was lovely and gracious in sitting with the two knuckleheads.

My father has a history of callng my cousins at important milestones in their lives to congratulate them and dissolving into tears by the end of the voice mail. They promptly call each other and share the messages, much to his chagrin. So, I thought that I'd document the visual for Mary of what he looks like while doing this.

Of course, the reason that they subject him to such ridicule is that he will do things like insert himself and my Uncle Kim in the front of the church during pictures because he's certain that the photographer wants one of them, too.

Two of these cousins are that my father dotes on are Megan and Eva. They had the difficult task of lighting the candles before the ceremony started. I'm afraid I disturbed some of the guests with my uninhibited laughter caused by Eva blowing out her lighter and being unable to get it lit again. Seriously, what's a family wedding without laughter?

Here is the talented and beautiful duo as they return from their daunting journey.

Finally, I wanted to share with you the picture that my purse took of me. I'm very glad that I had no boogers and pleased that the slight curve of cleavage showing looks pretty damn good.

Thanks for getting married, Mary. It was all sorts of fun.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for posting these. I of course had a great time. Thank you for all of your help. Your purse takes fantastic pictures!

I love you,