Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I definitely slept through my stop on the El this morning.

I have never done that before.

Before I left for work, I tied a purple string around my wrist to help me pray throughout the day for guidance about whether or not I should spend the weekend at a church retreat or whether I'm trying to do too much in my life right now.

Now, I think I'll pray for discernment to determine if God answered that prayer before I even started.


Futureman said...

I quite often sleep through my stop on the metra going to West Chicago on the Union Pacific West Line. Those not familiar with the western suburbs, West Chicago is no where near Chicago. Anyway, now each day when I see the conductor he says "no sleep!" and in my mind I say "till Brooklyn?"


PrincessMax said...

Quite often?

I have thought before that if I had a long commute like that, I would probably not have trouble putting a sign around my neck that said, "I go to school and work full time. Please wake me as we approach __________." Maybe make it a little more witty to get people to respond. I think it would be novel enough that people would do it. I'm not sure that would work on Metra since there is no way to sit so that everyone sees you.

As an update to the post, I am not going on the reatreat but am spending the weekend watching science fiction DVDs and crafting, probably finishing my quilt. Also, the C2 vertebra in my neck was completely out of place and that might have contributed to my feeling that something was sucking the life out of me.

Scooter said...

I think if you need to get guidance about whether you're doing too much, you probably are. Take an alarm clock with you if you fall asleep. When I was at the U of MN, I scheduled my classes for as early as I could so that I could go to work in an uninterrupted block after about noon. As I often worked a few 12 hour shifts to free up some study time and weekend time, I'd catch a nap at the student union on the couch if I had fifty minutes between classes. I just hauled along an alarm clock and set it for 35 minutes. I think it may have annoyed one or two people, but they'd have just found something else to be grumpy about anyway.