Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I did not pack any socks.

Thursday, my boss walked into my office at 4:15 and asked me what I was doing next (this) week. I thought we were going to set up a meeting, so I flipped through my three calendars and said, "Nothing really. My schedule is pretty wide open."

"Will you go to Tacoma and represent me at the big U.S. Programs Summit?"

So, I'm in Tacoma for the week, washing my socks in the bathroom sink and blowing them dry in the morning.

However, the bed is good and I brought my yoga mat and my stuffed frog, Melvin. The wireless is free and the food that the hotel catering provides is excellent.

So I have to talk to people for 12 hours a day. So what? Actually, I could have stayed with them longer tonight but I know I have to pace myself for the rest of the week. Keeping myself from getting peopled out is serious business.

Also, it's a little hard to be in Washington, so close to Orcas Island. I'm still feeling too fragile about Matt to want to go up and meet Jeffrey's new love and to see the utopia that I can't have. Talk about upheaval. But, it'll be OK.

I just wish that the white socks I wore onto the plane with my jeans and gym shoes didn't make me look like Jake and Elwood Blues when I wear them with my professional clothes.

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