Monday, April 17, 2006

Hence, the bangs

I came home tonight after getting a major haircut and neither of my roommates were here to assure me that I didn't look like an English sheepdog. So, I figured that the digital camera is nothing more than an expensive mirror and I figured out how to use it so I could share my new look with you all.

What do you think? I'm growing it long again but I didn't want my head to look like it did from freshman year in high school through the next 12 years. Hence, the bangs. I'm growing it long again because I miss being able to put it up in a bun or back in braids. Maybe I'll look like Audrey Hepburn when I put it up in the bun.

I asked for Rory Gilmore bangs. I think she did a nice job giving me what I wanted. Hey! I just had a thought! Now that I won't have to worry about how smoothly my hair goes back into the ponytail holder or hairpin, I can do those loose, messy, sexy styles that look like it just took seconds to put together and that I've always envied. It might actually take just seconds.

Probably not.

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ExBF said...

So THAT'S the real version of the famous drawing....I see the resemblance ;)