Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Take a Ride on the Reading

Today, in the flurry of getting back into my commuting routine, I totally forgot a book to read on the train. On the way in, it was fairly painful because I was tired, a little grumpy and so was everyone else so there wasn't anything interesting to look at. On the way, home, however, I was interested to see what other people were reading. (Paige says that people reading on public transportation is one of two characteristics that are indentifying foibles of the city. The other is people bringing their lunches to work.) I could only see 4 titles. The young Hispanic girl sitting next to me plunked her backpack onto her lap and hauled out a giant hardcover of Book 4 of the Wheel of Time series, a high fantasy 12-book series that I've read twice. Across the aisle was a West coast-looking lady reading Memoirs of a Geisha. At the other end of the train, standing by the door, a regular-looking woman was reading Dan Brown's Deception Point (a book that was so bad that I didn't get past page 50 - too many beautiful bilingual squash playing people outfoxing exotic attackers seemingly effortlessly). I had to read the title backwards in the window and I'm very proud of my keen observational skills on that one. Finally, this cutie blue-eyed guy, totally one of my types, was reading the 3rd Harry Potter. As I looked at him, the ring that I noticed in my peripheral vision and simply registered as a wedding ring turned out to be on his right hand. As I looked closer, I realized that some sort of design was incised in the gold band. A sweet smile of amusement slowly spread on my face as I realized it was a reproduction of the "One Ring to Rule Them All," from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Ooowee! I hope he's on the train again tomorrow!

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Heartless_ said...

I'm on book 2 of WoT and really need to get cracking on it more. I read New Spring and book 1, but now I'm detoured into The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King and the Narnia series from C.S. Lewis since I saw the movie and never read the books as a child.