Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happier Update

I want to give you a quick update before the social world of Christmas takes over. I realize that the last couple posts have shown that I have been a little depressed. Let me assure you that it not a persistent state. I have lots of good moments. My Christmas Tree looks great. When I planned something wrong at work and people started calling to complain to my boss, I braced hard and scrambled to cover my ass only to find that my co-workers and boss didn't blame me. Everyone admitted that it was a mistake based on ignorance of something no one could have expected me to know unless someone had told me. The recoil of tension letting go was similar to when the person on the other end lets go of the rope alluvasudden. Life in the warehouse is usually fun. The other morning, one of the guys that moves stuff around the warehouse shouted, "Woohoo! As-tro-turf! Yeah!" We also received rolls of vinyl flooring that day that created an obstacle course that I had to climb over to get to my office. All sorts of warehouse fun. I made cookies for the office party tomorrow that aren't my best, but I know why they're not my best and I'll do better next time. I made the best ornament at the ornament exchange party and got a cool-beaner starfish painted as a beach Santa. Things are pretty good.


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Anonymous said...

thank you :)
love, the dad