Monday, April 18, 2005

Identified Flying Objects

Today I substituted at the local high school for the first time. I only covered two classes and it was the first day of the quarter so the teacher just gave the kids a study hall. Very easy. There are only 150 kids in the entire high school. I was dubbed “Best Substitute Ever” when I sat down to play Magic (a fantasy card game) with the two nerds in the class. I also had the satisfaction of saying, “I believe that throwing things was discussed in our initial conversation.” Then, when the student said, “But they’re throwing things over there,” I did not turn my head so he could not throw the pen back to his friend while it was turned. I got to say, “Did you think I was lying when I told you I had taught high school for five years?” Smiles all around for that one.

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Sam said...

yay! i dont know you, but that sounds exciting! and cool! :-D