Saturday, February 19, 2005

Tuna Girl

Tuna Girl

The media is all over the new blogging trend. Each report mentions a kid named Mitch who spends 2 hours every day checking all of his favorite blogs. So, since I'm part of this world, I usually try to check out two or three ramdomly by hitting "next blog" after I post and check the posting. I thought that I would never be able to understand Mitch and his desire to know about strangers' lives. However, I have found TunaGirl. I hope that whoever is actually reading my site will not be so charmed by hers that they stop reading mine, but I certainly will be distracted by her. I think that her Valentine's Day entry is particularly entertaining.


Tuna Girl said...

Oh WOW! Well, thanks for the link. I'm glad you found me. I'm so flattered. *blush*

Blogging has really enriched my life. I've made some amazing friends through my blog. But it can be addicting. ;-)

ad_this said...

The media isn't really all over this blogging trend is it?

PrincessMax said...

Well . . . um . . . man, it's so hard to determine if something is sarcastic when it's type-written. And people think it's hard to tell when I'M joking.

If you aren't joking, I think that the inclusion of bloggers as journalists at the National Conventions last year, the appearance of blogs on TV shows like the West Wing and bloggers being named "People of the Year" by one of the news magazines, (I can't keep them straight) would indicate that we, the bloggers, are current media darlings. Here's hoping we use our powers for good and not evil.