Friday, February 18, 2005


Crappy day today. I feel like I should be using all that stupid chat room grammar and syntax that belie the fact that I must be getting old since I don't understand it. I feel so withdrawn that I don't even want to capitalize and spell. As a measure of how bad this day has been , I just spent 8 minutes trying to find an example of aforementioned jargon to add a little funny to the post and failed profoundly. No searches would reveal it and hitting "next blog" close to 20 times, usually a surefire way to find some, was utterly unproductive. So, sorry folks, no funny today. So, I started the day with another speeding ticket. I was thinking about my ex-husband and the money he owes me, not paying attention and the cop just followed me for 3 miles until I finally noticed him and slowed down. Then, he turned his lights on and gave me the ticket. I can't even count all of the different levels that sucks on. So, with the day starting poorly, I seemed to lose any small amount of tact and common sense that I normally possess, revealing things I shouldn't reveal and making jokes that make me look bad in the wrong company over the course of the day while I was working at the Exchange. I have definitely lost all of that newfound contentment, which actually lasted quite awhile. I think I'll go curl up in bed and maybe try to muster up the energy to read my book.

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