Thursday, September 30, 2004

Stoner admirer

On a side note, I got hit on pretty hard by this stoner guy the other day. When I asked him why he was on the island as he tagged along on my various errands, he explained that he had grown up there but when he went out to travel the country after graduating from high school, he got a lot of speeding tickets that he thought he could just ignore as long as he didn’t go back to those particular states. So, he’s home until he can pay all of that off. Let me tell you, I was truly tempted there for a minute. :-) After telling me that Rebecca was a pretty name, he asked if I had a boyfriend. When I explained that I did, he asked if I “thought he would keep” me. He wrote out his name and number while waiting for me at the post office with lots of doodles around the info. Then he asked if he could walk me to work. Today, he came into the convenience store, asked if the coffee was fresh and said he would try the Homegrown Market when I answered that it was probably about 4 hours old. No sense of recognition in his tiny little scrambled eggs brain on drugs. Sigh.

Maybe funny, maybe not. But, by now, I see him all over town and he treates me just like I'm someone he has known forever and maybe doesn't like because I got in fight with his girlfriend when we were in high school together. He also has asked me questions about things he thinks I should remember because he has mistaken me for the other people that work in my stores. It's a new experience for me.

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