Thursday, September 30, 2004

Basic update

I've been taking advantage of these two weeks while Jeff is gone to really get settled in my trailer. It's stressful, like everything else, but also satisfying to see my stuff in a new milieu. The inside of the trailer is butter yellow so all of my red and light blue stuff matches. I've hung my fairy curtains across the sliding glass doors that are the entrance to my house. It's definitely a change from the crappy blue sheets that were there previously. Unfortunately, with Jeff gone, I'm also getting a chance to feel homesick and a little (actually, a lot) lonely. I wish I were one of those people that found comfort in late night cleaning frenzies but after dark, the most I can do is crafts with the TV on. Otherwise it's books. I have just reread Neal Stephenson's SNOW CRASH but have been strangely reluctant to start anything new. I put books aside because I know I'll like them eventually, but can't summon excitement now. However, I have not yet felt a need to reread all of my adolescent sword and sorceress series by Tamora Pierce. I see that as a good thing. :-) I should have telephone on Friday (after three calls to the local phone company) and so blogs and personal emails should get more regular. Right now, I am kind of catching time whenever I can on other people's machines. So, I'm not feeling very clever or adventurous right now but I wanted to update those concerned about the goings-on here. I wish I were a little more inspiring. I did acquire a stoner admirer, which is a mildly funny story. I will copy/paste it out of an email that I sent in the next posting.

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