Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hello World!

This is my first attempt at anything so hip as blogging. I'm making a major life change and there are lots of people in my life that are excited and/or invested in the adventure. I am moving to Orcas Island to downshift my life a little. With that as my goal, it would seem counterproductive to spend a lot of energy worrying about whether I am keeping the many people that care about me properly apprised of the journey. Enter the blog as a good idea. My only fear is that once I have posted my thoughts on a subject or reported interesting daily events, I will have processed the information and therefore, subconsciously feel like I do not need to share it with others using more conventional forms of long-distance communication such as phone conversations, letters and emails. "What is the problem with that?" you, the hypothetical audience, may ask. Well, I believe the more conventional forms of communication are necessary to maintain friendships. Simply knowing the information about each other's lives does not an emotional connection make. That's why simply exchanging Christmas letters every year is considered a downgrade. So, I will try this for a little while and see how it affects my relationships with the people back home. I have a theory about this modern dynamic and the unreal expectations of long-distance relationships as caused by technology but maybe I'll get into that at a later point.

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