Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Butt on couch

So, I’m totally paralyzed in the packing process. I had several spurts of productivity over the past few weeks, especially before my house went on the market, which got the closets cleaned out. I also got three shelves of books packed or sorted into piles (books I teach from, books to take, poetry/drama, books I don’t want). Of course, that leaves about 15 shelves and that brings me back to packing paralyzation. I hate packing. I did not actually move myself the last . . . well . . . ever. So, I’ve read two brand new magazines that I bought at the store. I’ve caught up on two of the three subscriptions that I get, I’ve watched A LOT of The West Wing and The Gilmore Girls and generally centered my life around the couch when not completing clerical tasks (arranging to shut off utilities, change of address, etc) or going out for the last time with various friends. Retha, my dog, likes this very much since she pretty much does nothing but sleep when left to her own devices. So, I’m not packing because most of the stuff that I intend to give away on Saturday is on the left hand side of the garage and I seem to need everything else. It’ll get done. I have faith. Really. Plus, Susan and Elena are coming out early on Saturday to help me set up, so I can dash around frantically finishing the process of sorting and getting the books off the bookshelves so that I can give them away. The bookshelves, not the books, although I’ll be giving some of those away too, as aforementioned.

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