Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I am on the mend.  It turns out that I have had a sinus infection for who knows how long but,of course , the ER doctor in Danville, IL didn't diagnose it two weeks ago when I went in with a severe bout of vertigo and a splitting headache on one side.  (I should tell you someday about sitting in that waiting room with my grandma on a Sunday when she didn't believe I was really all that sick because I had eaten a good breakfast.)  So, looking back on the last two and a half weeks, I realize I have felt deeply despondent about my life because my energy was being sapped by what my doctor called a "horrendous" infection in my left sinus.

Since I started the antibiotic two days ago, I feel much less conflicted about being a homemaker. 

In fact, today and yesterday, I have been making bibs.

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Christy said...

Blogs need like buttons!