Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quote of the day

Seriously? Seriously? This rocks.
In raising the status of wife to one of presumed equality, lesbian marriages have the potential to improve the status of women in straight union as well. Freed from being a term inextricably linked to “husband,” “wife” can take on new meanings. Once we accept the possibility of “wife an wife,” the whole system of opposite-and-unequal terms gets thrown out of whack. Instead of falling into preordained roles of husband as king of his castle and wife as “trouble and strife,” individuals can explore innovative ways to express relatedness.

- Audrey Bilger, “Wife Support,” Bitch Magazine, Winter 2009

If this is what gay marriage does for my marriage than I want it even more. On the flip side, when conservative groups claim that gay marriage will destroy marriage as we know it, is this what they mean? Is this what they are afraid of?

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Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, this is what I always go on about. It's good for all of us, and yes, this is what they are afraid of. Gay marriage DOES change the institution of marriage, just very much for the better.