Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An historic occasion

In my Political Economy class last year, we were taught an equation that showed that there is no rational reason to vote since the "costs" outweigh the benefits. The costs always outweigh the benefits because with so many other people voting, the chance that my one vote matters in teeny tiny. This is called a "free rider" problem: I do not participate because I get the benefits whether I participate or not.

Especially, living in Chicago: Obama Central.

But I am not a free rider today. I am not part of the problem. I am part of the solution.

The photo is a little fuzzy because I felt a little awkward. These are not the booths with the curtains that you see on TV. Now, though, I kind of wish I had taken a little more time to makes the names less blurry.

Oh well. It's the vote that counts.


Buttondown said...

Thank you for using 'an' in front of historic.

And it was truly historic.

Jake and Jess said...

so jealous that you took in your camera. why didn't i think of that!?

Jess said...