Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I've definitely got thoughts to share with you but life is full to bursting right now.

I was sick. I was out of town at the fantastic wedding. My brother's mother-in-law passed away. I had a very good date while still remaining in the interminable liminal stage.

Lots of emotions.

Lots of thoughts.

And it keeps on coming.

Soon I'll be able to stop and share my progress.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your update & hoping that life is bursting with goodness!


ABG said...

Good, because I'm hankering for a nice long post on Wild Rumpus! :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait.
love, the mom and dad

Jake and Jess said...

so that's where you have been/been up to!

looking forward to seeing you (this weekend?)!

Christy said...

More Rumpus! More! :)