Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now I've seen everything

OK, this is weird and delightful and just a little bit gross. I'm totally fascinated. Isabella Rosselini has done a series of short films called Green Porno and you can watch it here. She acts outs the actual mating rituals of various bugs dressed in strange costumes and narrating. I particularly like the "bee" one. As an example, she says with a very straight face, "I have many sisters and I communicate with the by dancing: I tell them where the flowers are." Then, acting out the male bee, she deadpans in her sultry Italian accent, "I would fly after her. I would mate her in flight. It is our nuptial flight. But pulling out from her, my penis would break off!"

It is totally worth seeing for yourself.


duckbill said...


well, i was going to say you now have a 13th reader (based on your iconic "100 things" post), but then I saw someone named Stephanie actually responded to that post just last month, so I assume she is an older new reader than I am. So, I will take the ticket for slot number 14, thank you very much.

i really, really appreciated your candor on julie's blog yesterday. when i followed the link to Princess Max, behold(!) i was met with an image of "cryptonomicon" from your library--one of my top 5 fave books of all time.

and then i saw the madtv sketch you posted. my own emotional life is so fucking convoluted, yet i'm so composed, with a lame outward response for every screaming incoherency inside. These lines: "I don't make scenes because I want people - all people - to like me. I know. It seems odd for someone who projects independence as well as I do...I stay calm because if I got upset, I might push them further away and the door to future reconciliation might close and lock." Damn. you scored a bulls-eye. my forehead is cloven in twain.

and then I saw the line, "empathy is a bitch" (i'm add and read things out of order all the time). and then you gained number 14.

sean, in portland
(i know katie and she's not all that.)

PrincessMax said...

Well, I'm already jealous since you get to live in the Pacific Northwest. Still, I'll get over that. I'm super-pleased to welcome you as my 14th reader.

(These kinds of messages make me worry that the corners of my mouth will actually hit my ears.)

Emily DeWan Photography said...

Mmmmmm...... slug s&m. Good stuff.

Elsita said...

Great link!!!
Thank you :)