Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last night I dreamed about a giant human foosball game where people were strapped into harnesses with their legs dangling and tried to kick the soccer ball into each other's goals. It was so much fun! Do you think that exists for real? Like the velcro wall or the sumo wrestler suits or whirlyball? I mean, seriously, think of the team-building benefits. Each team of 6 has two rows of three people strapped into an ergonomically safe upper body harness that are all attached to one another horizontally with lots of space between each person. They have to communicate verbally to move their "rod" back and forth horizontally so that they are accurately lined up to intercept the ball the other side has kicked. No front and back movement. Legs dangling probably wouldn't work so well. So much fun!

I think there is money to be made here. I want a cut from whomever executes this thing.


Dave said...

Bad news my friend - someone already came up with this idea. I'm pretty sure I told you about how I played in one in college.

google "human foosball"

PrincessMax said...

Fine! Be that way!

Probably you did tell me about it and I forgot, at least with my conscious mind. Does this mean that secretly I was dreaming about you, Dave?

Dave said...

I have no response that is either, a) nice, or b) going to keep me from getting into trouble.