Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh Yeah!

Friday night, I had dinner with Matt before his overnight shift at work and since Jess is sick, I then came home to practice some major domesticity.

My friend Emily and her husband Joe are having a baby and do not want to know its sex. They have painted a beautiful yellow bedroom with a giant giraffe care of her artistic father. When I opened the closet door while on the tour, I was faced with over 30 baby outfits hanging on tiny little hangers from the bar. All of them were yellow or green.

So the blueberry hat that I was planning to knit for the little one that is going to be born in December was out. I now have to make a lemon hat.

Woohoo! I just happen to have a skein of white alpaca (so soft) yarn that I used for a stripe in a hat and have no future plans for. I also have 6 packets of Kool-Aid.

What does the Kool-Aid have anything to do with knitting a little bitty baby hat? you ask.

Well, it is a little known fact that Kool-Aid is a fantastic dye for yarn that comes from animals. I have known this for awhile but have never gotten a chance to test this arcane knowledge.

So, this was my exciting Friday night.

Six packets of Kool-Aid. Look at the carnage! Probably, I needed less orange than I thought I did. I was a little worried that the color wouldn't be interesting enough without a little variation of shade. Hence, the orange. Variegation is one of my favorite words, you know.

Painting was fun. This might just become a little addicting. Does anyone out there need a hat? I'm going to have more than I know what to do with very, very soon.

This is the yarn after I've microwaved it but before I've rinsed it. The liquid that it is sitting in looks milky because the color from the Kool-Aid has been leeched into the yarn, leaving the rest of the liquid colorless. Compare it to the yellow in the measuring cup above to see what I mean. Pretty cool, huh.

Although this isn't a knitting blog, (you'll be amazed at how many of them are out there) I'll post pictures of the finished product.

And here's Georgie in the debut of his modeling career.

I'm pretty proud of myself because this feels like a very island kind of craft that I'm practicing right here in the middle of the city.

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed! That hat looks great. You are so cool. ~Kate