Friday, August 04, 2006

It's like a link from someone else's life!

A couple of weeks ago, two of my cousins came to visit my family (both in Glen Ellyn and here in the city) from Indianapolis (where one lives and one was staying for the summer). While staying at my parents' house (really, why would you stay on my couch, when my mom will cook you breakfast using much butter if you stay at her house), Emily (who normally lives in Florida) connected with several of her friends that are also in the midwest for the summer. The result of this was a nice time with them AND a blog from one of her friends about it. This is my first experience with someone else blogging about my life. I'm pretty excited. Even though I'm not mentioned by name. Oh well. Check it out if you want by clicking here.

PS - My brother and I are both very excited about the potential of having Sam as our cousin-in-law. You go, Emily!


Anonymous said...

HA!!! not going to happen but thank you and thank daniel for me for your support. i'm a bit nervous though that when i actually bring someone home who is potential cousin-in-law material, he won't live up to the set standard. oh well. with my current record, that is something that i don't even need to be thinking about right now. hope you're doing well.
love you!

PrincessMax said...

Trust me. The way things are playing out with the guys we bring into the family, the bar is getting set lower and lower. We started high with Darren, but after that, the women in this family that are older than you have brought home nothing but proof of our bad judgement in character. You'll be fine.