Sunday, May 14, 2006

Josh Lyman - He's My Hero

In 50 minutes, I will have spent my entire weekend (aside from two meal get-togethers, a gig of my brother's and church) watching 5 of the six discs of the 6th season of the West Wing that just came out on DVD. I think it is an undersatement to say that I am creating a little protected zone around myself. However, I still can't quite put my finger on why, despite my last post. I've spent so much of my recent life reacting to actual events that logically cause emotional states that a general malaise is foreign to me. I've been doing creating a protected zone since I moved out here and for a little while it was the stress of moving, but that has since worn off and I'm just not engaging or taking advantage of the opportunities that I have to actually experience life outside my apartment. At least, not to its full potential. I have joined the church, made a new friend, started rehearsing and singing on Sundays with the music team. But, most of the time that I don't have something scheduled, I want to hole up with a book or a DVD. Since I can't figure out what is causing it, I can't figure out how long is too long before it becomes lifestyle habit without a cause. That concerns me a little but I'm hoping my support network will tell me when I've gone too far. Will you?

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Anonymous said...

Keep in mind the weather has been horrible the last several days. Very gloomy to say the least. It is the type of weather that warrents staying in watching something on the television or reading a book. Don't get yourself down about it. Besides, you love the West Wing and isn't it ending very soon? Maybe you just want to get your fill? Not to mention you just got the 6th season on DVD. It is the kid with the new toy syndrome, that's all. ~Kate