Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bus Stop

I'm experiencing some instances of smile-and-the-world-smiles-with-you and it's kind of fun. This morning I was walking to church and neared a group of some homeless guys on the corner. I started my hesitant gearing-up-to-ignore-vulgarity-but-trying-to-stay-open-enough-in-case-they-turn-out-to-be-human face. And they smiled and asked how I was. I smiled and said I was well and asked how they were. They were also fine and smiled and waved as I kept walking. I actually think maybe my hesitant face had a little more joy in it this morning than it usually does. As I got to the next corner, the bus was pulling up alongside the curb and the same two homeless guys got off the bus and exclaimed, "Hey, here you are again! It's good to see you!" We all laughed and I went on to church.

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