Sunday, July 17, 2005


Every once in awhile when I have some time to kill, I randomly follow links to other blogs. Tonight I ended up on a beautiful story about how Star Trek changed some little boys' lives.

I was reminded of my own childhood spent watching Star Trek, often with my brothers Paul and Daniel. The Next Generation was on Sunday nights at 10:00 and we watched it religiously without knowing that that was something people did. In our innocence, we only knew that Sunday nights at 10:00 were fascinating. My father would come into the family room halfway through and ask rediculous questions to drive us crazy, "Why does that guy's nose look like that?" "Who is she, Uhura?" "Why doesn't that guy fight back?" We used to get so mad because he was able to ask it in a tone that completely communicated that he was interested, so our first instinct was to share information about something we loved with him. However, the combination of the level of stupidity of the questions and our desire not to miss anything led us to yell and tell him to come back at the commercial. We fell for it every time.

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Anonymous said...

And you would still fall for it if you were here and I wandered into the TV room. :)
I love you, dad