Thursday, October 21, 2004

Audience Participation

I just found a really kooky suggestion in the blogger site that I think I'd like to try with you all. (This is a little like my college radio show when I had no idea that anyone at all was listening except for my father when I sent him the tapes.) It said to ask my readers for three pictures of things that they would most like to see. However, I don't have a digital camera, so that won't really work. (The picture of me as a barrista is courtesy of David Ludwig, Jeff's dad.)

So, because I'm getting a little tired of reading my own ruminations, I'd love to get some input from you about what you would like to know about what it's like to live on an island in the Northwest. Or what it's like to be doing something totally new. Or what it's like being away from my family and friends. Or what it's like to live in a trailer. Or what it's like to live so close to the ocean. You get the idea. No question is too mundane.

Post the questions here on this site by using the comments option on this or any of my previous entries. I'll be more likely to respond in a timely way. Then, comment on the comments if you want to. We'll start a [french accent] salon of sorts. It'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

hey rebecca
this is emily (your absolute favorite cousin of all time) and i don't really have any suggestions but i just wanted to tell you that i enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you've been up to these past couple of months. i don't think ive ever read your writing before and i have been enjoying it. well, ive got a couple of projects that have refused to write themselves so id better get going. i just wanted to say hey.
love you

PrincessMax said...

Emily, who is officially now my favorite cousin of all time, has shown true Murphy spirit and jumped onto the bandwagon of something vaguely rediculous just because it might actually be fun. Plus, if she didn't, she might just regret having missed it later. Good for you! Welcome to the club. I'm President, Ms. Ciolac is Vice-President and Uncle Gordon is Treasurer. Do you want to be Secretary? :-)

Thank you for letting me know that someone is out there and that I am not completely boring. I love you cutie.

Anonymous said...

hey rebecca
its emily again. and yes, i would LOVE to be secretary. however, i must warn that i have HORRIBLE handwriting and im not very organized. in fact, some would go so far as to call me UNorganized, believe it or not. but to those i say, what good comes out of organization anyway? knowing where everything is at all times is ok i guess but that takes all the fun out of the treasure hunt for your keys and the elation one feels after looking for 15 minutes and discovering they are right in the first place you looked. anyway, where was i...? oh yeah, id love to be secretary! also, i was quite entertained by your depiction of our family. i must admit that the only reason i do what they do is because i don't want to be shown up by those dang drew kids! if a toddler can swim across a lake then ill give it a shot too. so if it weren't for them, id be in that boat with you!
love you!! and im prayin for you.

PrincessMax said...

Seriously Emily, I made Uncle Gordon the Treasurer and look at his track record in that area. :-) I'd say that your lack of organization actually makes you over-qualified for the position. Of course I still wan't you to do it. :-)